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ABF’s used equipment has a large selection of used commercial trailers or semi trailers. The used semi trailer fleet is composed of a variety of brands from several different year models. Our used semi trailers are dry van trailers and are used to deliver non-temperature-controlled shipments. As with all ABF used equipment, routine maintenance is performed on all used trailers.

City ST ABF # Year Make Type Lg Ht Door Notes Price
BOWLING GREEN KY 40706 1996 PIN VN 48 Ex storage trailer, rough floor and body $1,500.00
CARLISLE PA 43134 2006 GRD LG 28 LIFTGATE PUP - Roof damage from large tree branch, king pin worn, shoes and drums, springs and saddles $1,500.00
CARLISLE PA 43090 2007 GRD LG 28 LIFTGATE PUP - Bottom rails electrolysis $1,500.00
CARLISLE PA 40803 1996 WAB VN 48 Rusted through subframe/suspension, 4 tires, door and landing gear repairs $1,500.00
CONLEY GA 69668 2003 GRD VN 28 13'6" RU Rusted out taillight pockets, trans roof. $1,400.00
CONLEY GA 80538 2004 GRD VN 28 13'6" RU Trans roof, door, bottom rails and bolts $1,400.00
KANSAS CITY MO 551347 2011 GRD VN 28 13'6" SW Rolled onto roadside, top and bottom rails, 11 panels, radius, nose rail $850.00
LITTLE ROCK AR 81917 2005 GRD VN 28 13'6" RU Bottom rails corroded, rusty light box and crossmembers $1,400.00
QUEBEC, CANADA CAN 551073 2010 GRD VN 28 13'6" SW Scrap Only- Tire fire burned all four tires and rear body $750.00
SAUK VILLAGE IL 43211 2006 GRD LG 28 LIFTGATE PUP - wrecked low bridge, roof damage, door, top rail, etc. $1,500.00