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Converter Gear

Converter gears or converter dollies are trailer coupling devices.  ABF units typically have one axle with a fifth wheel.  Once the converter gear is attached to the rear of a tractor-trailer combination a second trailer can be coupled with the converter gear to form what is known as a double trailer rig.

CARLISLE PA 75396 1986 MNN Frame bent and twisted $750.00
CONLEY GA 71650 2007 GRD Rusted hangers, frame, torque rods $750.00
CONLEY GA 79385 1987 FRU Frame rust and worn lunette eye $750.00
CONLEY GA 76048 1988 WAB Brakes, drums, worn hubs and 5th wheel pins $750.00
CONLEY GA 71062 1994 PIN Rusty and cracked frame $750.00
CONLEY GA 79776 1988 FRU Rusty frame, worn 5th wheel saddles $750.00
DAYTON OH 76964 1993 WAB Brakes/tire caught fire, replace entire wheel end $750.00
DAYTON OH 71156 1994 PIN Axle worn out needs replaced $750.00
KERNERSVILLE NC 79619 1987 FRU Frame, spring hangers, dolly jack $750.00
KERNERSVILLE NC 78108 1985 FRU Frame, worn lunette eye $750.00
KERNERSVILLE NC 76637 1991 MNN Worn out axle, springs, brakes and drums $750.00
SAUK VILLAGE IL 74936 1984 VUL Worn 5th wheel, spring hangers $750.00
SAUK VILLAGE IL 76081 1988 WAB Worn spring hangers, U-bolts, dolly leg $750.00